Treads Risers

Steps consist of two parts- tread and riser. Tread is the flat surface that makes up a step. It provides a smooth and safe transition between steps and landings. Riser signifies to vertical distance between each step. In simpler terms, tread is horizontal part of a step and riser is its vertical portion. Usually treads are preferred with front/longer edges profiled to bullnose, pencil edge, half bullnose, etc.


  • Both sides sawn finish


  • All edges machine cut
  • One long side bullnose on Treads


  • Custom made as per requirement


  • 20+2mm, 30+2mm, 50+2mm

Packing Specifications:

  • No. of Pcs. Per crate: 20-40, depending on thickness
  • No. of crates per container: 20-30, depending on size & thickness
  • Weight: Roughly 50Kg per m2 (20mm), 75 Kg. per m2 (30mm), 125 Kg. per m2 (50mm)
  • Quantity: One 20' container will contain 250-450m.2 Weighing 25-26 MT gross.

Available Stones:

  • Sandstone (Beige, Pink, Red, Mint, Tint Mint, Yellow, Teak, Rainbow)
  • Limestone (Blue, Brown, Grey, Black)
  • Marble (Green, Pink, Black, White)