Stepping Stones

Mid sized stone, that has a surface above the ground or body of water and which allows crossing over to the other side, is called stepping stones. In garden, they separate a path to allow crossing without trampling plants underfoot. These are available in random shapes as well as geometric shapes.


  • Both sides natural split surface finish


  • All edges to be hand dressed


  • 300x450mm, customized sizes also available


  • 25-35mm


  • Random

Packing Specifications:

  • No. of Pcs. Per crate: 120
  • No. of Crates per container: 26
  • Weight: Roughly 70 Kg. per m2 or 8 Kg. per piece
  • Quantity: One 20' container will contain 3120 pcs. Weighing 25-26 MT gross.

Available Stones:

  • Sandstone (All sandstone colors except Teak, Rainbow)
  • Limestone (Blue, Brown, Grey, Black)