Mr. Don Willis,
Our experience with the sandstone shipment was excellent. We intend to buy more stone items from you as time goes on. We are in the construction business and are open to suggestions on any stone or marble items, such as fireplace fronts, fountains, paving etc. I will also pass your name on to others who might be interested in your products. Thank you for your kind help in making my first import experiences a very good one. Thanks.
Mr. Marcus Wilkinson,
Quality of tiles is excellent, well done to your workforce.

Ms. Anne,
The first containers arrived last week. We appreciate the very good quality of the stone, the color and the premium packaging of the skids.

Mr. Ram Reddy,
Rahul is an intelligent resourceful young man. I am strongly convinced that he is an excellent valuable resource for sourcing any kind of materials at good prices - particularly if time is of the essence. I've realized that engaging each manufacturer as an outsider tends to be tedious and not worth the time in terms of overall savings. Upon independent verification, I found one source (baluster) to be expensive but other sources such as medallions, pietra dura art work on marble, carvings, stone materials, handicrafts, antiques, and antique replicas at almost the same prices as what you would pay if you researched and went directly.
Mr. Charles S.,
My dealings with you have been nothing but excellent.

Mr. Earl Viau,
Your modesty is too great. I hold you responsible for the great beauty of the fireplace you sent me.
Thank you very much.
Dr. Raghu Singh,
I have ordered a total of three containers of goods from AB Impex, two have been received and another is on its way. Service has been excellent. Orders have shipped in a timely manner, and I have been kept well informed through frequent updates. The goods where well packed and in good condition. There was no breakage. Everything met or exceeded our expectations. The carved custom sandstone items which included ornately carved pieces were extremely well made. The large rainbow sandstone tiles which were originally ordered for outdoor use around a pool where soniece that we have ordered additional material for use indoors.

In summary, I would strongly recommend AB Impex for import/export from India.
Mr. C. Jopling,
I took two containers from AB Impex and found their quality and service to be first rate. We had a fair few breakages on the first load (mainly down to the handling at my end), ABI in response to this made the crates even stronger the second time.
The color was consistent across both loads and as per the photo I requested at the start of the project.
I found them to be 100% efficient and trustworthy.
Mr. Roger,
Many thanks, we unloaded the container today and I am delighted with the quality of stone. Thank you very much, I will be in touch shortly to make another order. I forgot to say also that I was very impressed with the care taken to package the stone, thanks you for packaging it so well. Stone is lovely though we had trouble with the shipping company who refused to unload it down the lane but nevertheless, we have it on site now, all is fine!
Mr. Steven W.,
I would like to compliment AB Impex on the quality of the grey sandstone. We completed a large installation project at a stately home in Royal Berkshire using the grey and our client was extremely happy with all aspects of the stone. We now have a great number of photographs of completed projects using stone supplied by AB Impex, photos we will happily send for you to add to your portfolio.
Mr. Brede,
I deeply appreciate the extra efforts put down by you to make this shipment possible. Again, AB Impex proves that the impossible is possible....
Best from Brede
Mr. M. Wilkinson,
Just a quick note to thank you and all your team for the black limestone features, I have inspected the first shipments and products, labels and crates are very good. Please pass this down your supply chain.
Mr. Ken S.,
Our company focuses on architectural specification work. The projects we do range in size but typically will run between one to two containers but could at times be very large. Your materials are perfect for a segment of our work. Costing is fair, color is good, packaging has been great and the work you've provided has been fine.
Mr. Ian Mack,
Congratulations Rahul!
A well deserved endorsement of the quality of service you provide.

Mr. Salvador Valdenebro,
I went to see the stones delivered to Valguadiana SA and they were VERY happy because it all arrived in perfect conditions. Congratulations and thanks.
Mr. David,
I received the container last Friday. I'm very happy with the quality of sandstone. I think we'll do a good job.

Mr. Brede,
We have just unpacked the marbles, you did fabulous job there, Rahul - it came out just perfect! I will send more pictures from that job in a short while.
Mr. S. Carm,
I wanted to let you know we de-stuffed the first container on Friday and everything was as you said it would be. Thanks you for the great workmanship. I look forward to our next container and working together in the future. I am in the process of designing a show home that I will live in. My plan is to have your stone on it so we can promote how great this looks and have clients purchase with confidence. I will keep you posted. Thanks for the samples.
Mr. Sukh Sagar,
The black marble tiles (400 pieces out of 500) are already used-up & applied on to the floor. They look absolutely stunning. I'll send pictures. And I'm delighted with your service in every respect. You have done an amazing job by sending everything on time. Whatever I have seen thus far is of very high quality. I'm delighted to have sourced this material from you. Furthermore, I can see that you run an ethical enterprise. You're hardworking, factual, and a knowledgeable professional. You were responsive from the first instance to the last. The communication is essential from the beginning, during and to the end, and you kept your promise. I'm so proud to be working with AB Impex. Last but not least on a human-contact level, it's a pleasure to know you. I'll look forward to do some serious business together.
Mr. David Sidhu,
I would be happy to summarize my dealings with AB Impex, if it would be helpful. I contacted Rahul, originally because I was looking to import an inlaid marble tabletop, and not wanting a wood or metal base, I was interested in manufacturers who also produced stone tablebases. I had done extensive research and put out a number of requests, and Rahul was one of only a few who did not snub me because I was not a wholesale dealer. I asked for a number of quotes over a series of weeks, and Rahul was consistently responsive and (I must say) very patient as I coordinated with several parties on my end. I eventually decided to have the tabletop hand designed, and Rahul looked at the color blueprint to help me choose the most neutral (and still most flattering) color for the tablebase, which was very relevant given that in importing the base and top from two different manufacturers, I risked having clashing pieces. In actually arranging the order, Rahul took the time to answer my questions through each step of the manufacturing, preparation, and shipping process. I have been impressed with his level of customer service - when my item was chipped during loading, he had a new base cut at no cost to me. He got an advance estimate of freight charges, and did not penalize me when part of the charges were 'lost' in the transfer between the US and India.