Pool Copings

Finishing work done on the top of pool wall and installing lip around its edge, is called pool coping. It is the capping and trimming of pool shell wall for keeping its shape and liner in place. Pool Coping Stones with Round & smooth edge profiles are installed around pool perimeter.


  • Top natural and bottom calibrated
  • Top polished and bottom calibrated
  • Top Sandblast and bottom calibrated
  • Both sides Sawn


  • All edges to be machine cut
  • One long side to be bullnose and others machine cut
  • Both long sides to be bullnose and others machine cut
  • One long side to be bullnose and others machine cut in rebated thickness of 40/20mm


  • 350x350, 400x350, 400x400, 500x500, 600x400, 600x350, 600x600mm


  • 20mm, 35mm, 40mm, 40/20mm (rebated) (+1mm tolerance for polish, +2mm tolerance for natural and sawn finish)

Packing Specifications:

  • No. of Pcs. Per crate: Depending on size & thickness, each size packed in individual crate
  • No. of Crates per container: 30-40, depending on container mix
  • Weight: Roughly 85 Kg. per m2 (35mm), 50Kg per m2 (20mm & 40/20mm), 100Kg per m2 (40mm)
  • Quantity: One 20' container will contain 250-450m2, depending on thickness. Weighing 25-26 MT gross.

Available Stones:

  • Sandstone (All sandstone colors)
  • Popular Colors: Mint, Tint Mint, Yellow, Beige, Teak, Rainbow
  • Limestone (Blue, Brown, Grey, Black)